AAC Device Assistant;

The Device Assistant is a unique and powerful fee-for-service tool for researching AAC devices.  Currently, it provides manufacturer information on close to 100 AAC devices. Information is provided in cooperation with major augmentative communication device manufacturers.




Check out  the AAC Apps Assistant; another product which sorts through the variety of AAC apps and can assist you to make the “best choice for the best AAC voice!”

Benefits of the AAC Device Assistant

  • Save time researching information on AAC devices
  • Get the most up-to-date AAC device information in one place
  • Find devices that meet your specific AAC evaluation needs
  • Get manufacturer information so you can pursue device trials

The AAC Device Assistant Provides:

  • Carefully researched and objective specifications for each AAC device
  • Side-by-side comparison charts for the AAC devices and AAC apps
  • Specifications for up to 40 different categories for each device
  • Download multiple manufacturer’s flyers from just one website
  • A feature-match tool does the sorting for you

Comparison example of Device Assistant

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